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Increase in energy efficiency of residential buildings

Renovation of residential buildings is one of the most effective solutions, how, perhaps, to improve the energy state of the building. The measures for heat engineering renovation include a complex of such works, which eventually will reduce the consumption and heat losses during the heating season, which in turn will lead to lower heating costs. In addition, the visual parameters of a residential building improve, making it more attractive and increasing its value in the real estate market.

Attraction of European Union funds for the renovation of residential buildings

One of the tasks of the enterprise is active work on attracting the funds of the European Union structural funds, which are intended for the renovation of residential buildings. The goal is to raise funds to such an extent that it would be possible to cover up to 60% of the total cost of renovating an apartment building. The European Union, in turn, puts forward many requirements for specific facilities, wishing to carry out the renovation process, the main among them, three: the energy audit of the building, the renovation project of the building and the decision of the meeting of tenants about thermal engineering renovation.

Attracting new properties

Any management company tries to manage objects that are in a technically advanced, better visual condition. "NĪP managment" LTD is ready to discuss the issues of servicing with owners of private properties, as well as with renters of commercial premises, as well as with residents of small houses. Mutual interest and negotiations are the key to further cooperation.

Renovation of houses using modern technologies

An important stage in the renovation process is undoubtedly the renovation project. The residential building consists not only of walls, ceiling and floor, it includes common areas, a system of complex communications and the site on which the object is located. The renovation project is based on estimates, in other words, a list of expenses that could be addressed to tenants.

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